Keep Me

Book Cover: Keep Me
Pages: 15

The last thing Marcus wants to do after a long, sweaty day is answer the ringing doorbell. He wants to face his young former lover, who stands on his doorstep in search of forgiveness, even less. Marcus isn’t sure he can risk his heart, but he can’t turn the boy away, either. When he discovers where the boy’s demons have taken him, Marcus finds that what he wants begins to change.

Publisher: Kerry Freeman

I’d just pulled off my boots and sat down with a glass of sweet tea when the doorbell chimed.

“Fuck me.” After a long, sweaty day on the construction site, I just wanted five minutes to relax. Apparently that was too fucking much to ask. I slammed the glass on the coffee table and kicked a boot across the room before heading for the door.

Yanking the door open, I focused on the face staring at me. To anyone else,the boy on my front step would have been unrecognizable. But I’d not forgotten the pale green eyes or the bowed lips for even an instant.

I stretched my arm across the doorway to block it. “What are you doing here?”

He swallowed hard. “Hello, Marcus. I’d like to talk to you if you have a few minutes.” His voice was soft, his words obviously practiced.

“Are you sober?” Cold. Detached.

“Yes.” His gaze was steady.

I stepped back. “You have five minutes.”


“Thank you,” he whispered before entering.

God, he was so skinny. I shook my head and closed the door, determined not to give in to the twisted urge to take care of the boy no matter what he did. Still,I couldn’t help but notice the absence of the thick, blond curls I’d once loved to tug. I remembered how soft the hair covering his arms was, how the softness extended over every inch of skin.

Clenching my fists, I followed him into the living room. He waited until I pointed out a spot on the couch before sitting. I smirked, thinking how some old habits die hard.

I got resettled in my leather chair and took a long gulp of my tea, unwilling to put him at ease. “So… talk.”

“How are you?” He picked at a frayed spot on his jeans.

“You wanted to talk about me?”

“Yes… no… yes.” He passed his palm over his shorn head. Closing his eyes for several seconds, he took a deep breath. “I came to apologize. To make amends.”


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