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Kerry Freeman writes about sexy Southern men falling in love. She is published by Dreamspinner and Loose Id, and her books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

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11 years ago today...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="333"] Parisian Love Lock by Allen Skyy[/caption] "I am so sorry I'm late. I'm on my way. I promise."

Standing outside the steakhouse, I was dressed in the red shirt and black leggings I told him I'd be wearing. It was the third time he'd called, sounding more desperate each time.

I nodded to my cellphone. "Okay. I'll just go get a table, and you can meet me inside."

"I'll be the redhead."

Over the next hour, numerous wait staff stopped to check on me. "You want something to drink, hun?"

I shook my head. "No, I'll just wait."

I watched the door, my heart pounding every time a ginger man walked in and then sinking each time he went to another table. The wait staff were now giving me sad, sympathetic looks. I'd talked to him for a month online and on the phone. I was sure he'd show up.

Wouldn't he?

A tall, brawny man in baseball cap walked over to my table. "Kerry?"

I knew that deep twang. It had talked, laughed, whispered to me for hours and hours over the last month. My sinking heart was now light as air.


He sat down across from me. "Sorry I'm so late. I was working on a computer and lost track of time."

"It's okay." Well, it was now.


My husband is a saint. No, really. Anyone that could put up with me for eleven years would have to be. And then he went and married me, if you can believe it. Now he's stuck with me.

And he still never gets anywhere on time.

I love you, baby, and I'm looking forward to the next eleven years of our goofiness.

Now take me to breakfast :)