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Kerry Freeman writes about sexy Southern men falling in love. She is published by Dreamspinner and Loose Id, and her books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

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Wordy Wednesday: "Happy Hour" by Bella Leone

See, I told you I was going to do better :) I must admit, though, I've had this excerpt planned for a while.

This week, I give you an excerpt from Bella Leone's "Happy Hour," a Torquere Press Charity Sip.

Strangely, I find myself watching him as I listen to my mother rattle off five more brands of Southern-style ale, none of which I'll find in the middle of downtown Alexandria. His eyes look back to mine, and when they lock onto me, I can't help but smile. Back home, I'd never openly eye a man; staring at another guy could get you beat down, but I can't help myself. Something about him makes me forget my usual caution.

He's slender, but has muscle on him under his t-shirt. He's what my momma would call "lanky." I think he's hot. I wouldn't tell Ma that though. She's a good, God-fearing woman and, although she's not bothered by having a gay son, she's seriously opposed to casual sex of any kind with anyone. If she knew about some of the things I did on Spring Break last year, she'd pass right out, right after slapping me.

Now I'm only half listening to my momma. I notice that the blond's hair is on the shaggy side and he looks like he's seen his share of beach time with his suntanned skin and freckles. Unlike my freckles upon freckles all over bright white skin, his are placed perfectly on his cheeks and nose; somehow they just add to the beautiful glow of his skin.

"Okay, Ma. I promise. Yes, ma'am. I'll see if I can order Lone Star online. Oh, you'll send me some?" The blond's eyebrows shoot up. "All right, Momma, I'm gonna get outta the store and head home. I'll talk to ya soon. Love ya, too."

As I hang up and shove my phone back into my jeans, I'm still gazing into his dark brown eyes. He is very attractive. I can't stop my hungry gaze from lingering on his full lips and trailing along his slightly stubbled jaw. Warmth creeps up my chest and neck, settling in my cheeks.

He takes a step toward me, his smile rendering me speechless. "Please don't you dare buy Budweiser or PBR. I cannot in good conscience allow that to happen to those innocent bratwursts."

Don't forget: the 2011 Charity Sips benefit the It Gets Better Project.

"Happy Hour" at Torquere Press