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Kerry Freeman writes about sexy Southern men falling in love. She is published by Dreamspinner and Loose Id, and her books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

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Some flash fiction for Christmas

There is a group of ladies, and we call ourselves the Plot Bunnies. We kept each other on task and off ledges through NaNoWriMo, and, to celebrate NaNo's completion, we decided to have a flash fiction exchange for Christmas. Three prompts, 250 words.

My prompts were from my lovely friend Booknerd Becca:

Character: A lean, lanky Irishman named Tobias
Setting: A library during the holiday intercession
Topic: Awkward study date for human sexuality class

And here's the result.  Merry Christmas Becca! Hope you like your story :)

I lied to my parents when I said I couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving because I had to study for my Human Sexuality final. I never had to work to pass a class.

The only thing I was interested in studying was Tobias Doherty.

And now he was telling me our sessions together were over.

“I don’t understand.” I gripped the library shelving behind me. “We have a final …”

“I think we both know we don’t need to study.”

I closed my eyes and tried to will down my dick, which responded to Tobias’ thick, deep brogue as quick as a dog to a dinner bell. It didn’t care that the jig was up, that weeks of silent admiration and pining were over. It only cared that there was a warm, wet, full-lipped mouth it wanted inside.


Oh, God, the way he said my name. It was almost reverent. But that couldn’t be …

“Daniel, open your goddamned eyes and look at me.”

Slowly, I looked up. Tobias’ long, lithe body was hunched over mine, pinning me against the shelves. His moss green eyes were trained on my lips, and, before I could breathe a syllable, he was there. His soft lips against mine, his tongue in my mouth, his long fingers buried in my hair and bringing me closer.

He pulled away slightly, his heavy pants mixed with mine. “See, you silly little man. We’ve got the human sexuality thing down pat. Now come and kiss me again.”

And what does Tobias look like in my head? Oh, just the guy singing this song: