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My Fav Slash/Yaoi Pairings: #3 Edward & Jacob, Twilight

Come on, don't act like you haven't thought about it.
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When I read the Twilight books (yeah, and don't act like you haven't read them), I always felt bad for Jacob.  I was never one of those people that hated him.  I always thought that Bella kinda jerked his chain, encouraging him not with words but with actions, only to leave him heartbroken at the end of Eclipse.

Now, in my fantasy Twilight world, Jacob isn't all alone, left to imprint on the first vampire baby that comes along.  Instead, he's all lovey-dovey with Mr. Sparkles, Edward Cullen.

And it's all newssodark's fault.

"This is crazy," Jacob whispers, but his free hand rubs up Edward's side and around to the small of his back and stays there.

Edward shivers pleasantly. "I know," he whispers. He palms the side of Jacob's neck, and then slides that hand down Jacob's arm, over his side, to draw circles on his bare back. Jacob makes a soft, hot sound in his throat and swallows hard, pressing closer to Edward like he can't help himself. Edward wraps his arm more firmly around Jacob's waist, the tips of his finger grazing the scar. Jacob is thinking in pictures, images of he and Edward together, of Edward alone, Edward's smile, Edward's voice, Edward's touch...

"Jacob," Edward whispers.

Jacob turns his head just slightly, noses across Edward's cheek and then pulls back, just a little, just enough to meet Edward's heated gaze. No one has ever looked at Edward like this before; so open, so warm. Jacob's scent is intoxicating. He's close, so close.

"Edward," Jacob murmurs.

"Shh," Edward soothes. They're so close. Edward lets his eyes close and grazes his lips over Jacob's, and gasps. Just that simple, bare touch sends sparks through his nerve-endings. Something in his mind clicks into place, and suddenly he can feel Jacob, in his mind, in his arms, and he can feel Jacob feeling him. It's intense, and he can't keep from trying again, from closing his mouth more firmly over his werewolf's. Jacob makes a lovely sound and responds heatedly, holding Edward tighter. It's intense and overwhelming and intoxicating, unbelievable. Jacob is warmth and fire and ease and passion. Edward can feel him more completely than he ever has anyone before, than he ever has even himself. It's like Jacob has crawled inside him, or he's crawled into Jacob, and he can't tell where his mind ends and Jacob's begins. He pulls Jacob closer, glides his hands over the broad expanse of Jacob's back. Jacob's mouth opens beneath his and Edward tentatively, cautiously slips his tongue into Jacob's mouth. It's hot, impossibly slow, all soft suction and heat. Jacob moans, so sweetly, and Edward tastes the sound, lapping at the roof of his mouth, the backs of his teeth. Jacob's hand threads into his hair, palm cradling the base of his skull. His tongue sweeps along Edward's. It's good. It's so good. It's perfect. That spark is a current now, thrumming between them, binding them together. He doesn't know what it means that he feels like this, that he can feel Jacob so deep in his being, but he likes it. He doesn't want to lose it. Not now. Not ever.

In Underneath, Jacob loses his family and the wolf pack, and Edward realizes that, while Bella might be his blood singer, Jacob is his mate.  I just hope newssodark finishes the story someday...Edward and Jacob need to be together, damn it!

Yep, that's right, Edward and Jacob are meant to be. Please don't spoil my fantasy.