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My Fav Slash/Yaoi Pairings: #1 Nowaki & Hiroki, Junjou Romantica

It's only taken me 3 months to do a top 8 countdown, but we are finally here. *drumroll* My favorite slash/yaoi pairing is:

Nowaki and Hiroki from the anime

Just when you thought I couldn't fangirl over Junjou any more, I pull out another pair from my favorite manga. Nowaki and Hiroki are the Junjou Egoist pairing. Hiroki is a college literature professor who has an unrequited love for Usagi. Nowaki is a hard-working young man who dreams of being a doctor. After Hiroki finally accepts that Usagi will never love him, he sits alone in a park and cries, and a stray model rocket brings Nowaki into his life.

Nowaki and Hiroki shortly after they first meet

Unlike other ukes who resist admitting their homosexuality or their love for their seme, Hiroki knows he's gay and that he loves Nowaki. His struggle is against losing himself to his lover; he doesn't want to become emotionally dependent on Nowaki even as it becomes clear he has. Nowaki is also not the typical seme. He is younger than Hiroki, and he's constantly working to become a man who is worthy of Hiroki's love.

Hiroki finally gives in *sigh*

As much as I love all the Junjou pairings, the Egoist chapters are where this manga's true beauty lies. The two men love each other deeply, and, even though their pride can get in their way, they always come back to each other. In my favorite Egoist scene, Hiroki's words show the incredible depth of his love for Nowaki.

Is there a limit, a boundary to the feeling of "love," I wonder? Even if I hurt you...even if you hurt me...instead of our passion turning to loathing, I'd rather the scar be burnt into your body like a brand. And that way, you will never be able to forget me. And we will never be apart. Never...never in my life...have I loved someone as I do now.

Ever since I first learned about at Reviews by jessewave, I've recommended Junjou Romantica to anyone wanting to read a yaoi manga or watch a yaoi anime.  Since first reading Junjou, I've read LOTS of yaoi, and Junjou is still my favorite.

To mark my finally finishing my top pairings countdown, I'm giving you (if you're of legal age and yaoi is legal where you live) the opportunity to experience Junjou Romantica for yourself!

I'm giving ONE winner a choice of either the season 1 anime DVD set (Region 1, subtitled) OR the first 4 volumes of the manga. You don't even have to live in the U.S. But, keep in mind, if you're not in the U.S. or Canada, you must have a Region 1-compatible DVD player to watch the DVDs.

The rules of the giveaway are very simple:

  1. Make sure you follow my blog over there -->
  2. Make sure you leave a comment on this post telling me whether you'd like the DVDs or the manga. Oh, and a yaoi rec would be much appreciated, but not required :)

By participating, you are asserting you are of legal age and that the importing/distribution of yaoi is not prohibited by law in your place of residence. (I totally stole that wording from Kimi-chan, btw.)

I'll announce the winner on Halloween night, my last night of freedom before NaNoWriMo starts  Sunday, November 7 @ 10PM CST.