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My Fav Slash/Yaoi Pairings: #4 Miyagi & Shinobu, Junjou Romantica

Finally, we reach the first pairing from the first manga I ever read: Junjou Romantica. I've turned into quite the Junjou groupie:

Why yes, I do get strange looks when I pull this out at Panera Bread.

I've read every chapter of the manga and watched every episode of the anime online, and I'm in the process of purchasing the volumes and DVDs as they're released in English. No matter how much yaoi I read/watch, Junjou is still my favorite.

Miyagi & Shinobu from the manga

In Junjou, there are three couples, and Miyagi & Shinobu are the Junjou Terrorist couple. Originally they weren't going to be on my list. Then I re-watched the first season of the anime. I'd forgotten how different their relationship is than the "traditional" seme/uke. In this story, Shinobu (the uke) pursues Miyagi (the seme), who is reluctant to start a relationship with the much younger man (not as young as he appears, however - he's 18). Come on, Miyagi, how can you resist a face like this?

Shinbou is such a cutie! (from the anime)

I want to go all fangirl (yeah, like the laptop pic doesn't already do that) and tell you their entire story, but that would keep you from reading the manga and watching the anime.  Just do it; it's worth it.

Miyagi & Shinobu *sigh*

P.S. It was this post at Reviews by jessewave that turned me onto Junjou Romantica and yaoi.  The site is a great place to read reviews of current m/m romance books and get advice on writing m/m romance yourself.