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My Fav Slash/Yaoi Pairings: #6 Edward & Seth, Twilight

I've said several times that I have a weakness for fan fiction, and I've reached the first fan fiction pairing on my list.

Just to note: in the fan fictions below, Seth is a HUMAN ADULT. I'm not talking about 100+ year-old vampire Edward and 15 year-old shapeshifter Seth. That's just a little shota for me.

The first Twilight slash fic I read was also the first Edward and Seth story I read. The Return of Edward Masen by manyafandom, Seth is faced with the return of his childhood hero Edward, who's been gone ten years. Seth soon finds himself more than a little interested in Edward:

There was a flash of white in my periphery that caught my attention. I turned my head to it and saw Edward taking his sweat-soaked shirt off. His back was slowly exposed to me and I could see the definition of each muscle under his gleaming skin.

And oh my fuck, my mouth went dry as the attraction and lust I felt for him, and had successfully kept at bay, came roaring to life. I felt myself harden as I imagined my hands moving up and down his back, my fingers tracing the indentations and separation of each muscle, my tongue following the same path, tasting him.

The story is short (2 chapters). At the end, I was yelling, "No! You can't stop there!" I love the slow (for a two-chapter story) build to their confession. Very nice and sweet. It's rated M, but that's purely for language.

My other favorite Edward and Seth story is Say Something Else by vampireisthenewblack. But it's not just an Edward and Seth story. Edward reacquaints himself with childhood friend Seth, but at the same time he's mourning the sudden loss of his lover Alec. There's a lot of flashbacks to the relationship between Edward and Alec, and, even while you're pulling for Seth, you don't really understand how Edward will ever get over Alec.

I made it to the door before he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me around to face him. "Edward, don't do this. You're going to hide yourself away again, and I won't let you."

I refused to look at him. "I have to."

"Why? Because you miss him? Because you were going to love him for the rest of your life and now he's gone? This is not the end of your life, Edward. It's just another part of it. Sure, it's not going how it was supposed to go, how you planned, but it doesn't mean you should just give up. You deserve to be happy." He relaxed his grip on my arm and slid his hand up so it rested on the curve of my shoulder. "I know you'll never be able to love anyone as much as you love him. I know I could never be good enough—"

"Shut the fuck up, Seth." I refused to meet his eyes, I wouldn't be able to leave if I looked at him, everything he felt showed in his eyes and I craved that love so much. "You don't know what you're talking about. You..." I choked on the words. "You're wonderful. You make me feel better, you make it so I can breathe. You tell me you love me but you can watch me fall in love with the man I will love till I die. The man I want, crave, need but can never have again because he's gone. Fuck, Seth. I can't do that to you. I want you, but I can't expect you to share me with him because I can't ever let him go and I don't want to. I'll ruin your life. You're just a kid, you deserve someone who can give you everything, not someone whose heart is buried in England." I tried to turn away, but he tightened his grip. I felt the computer taken from me, heard him set it down somewhere. I stared at the floor, at my shoes, at Seth's bare feet.

Edward is too wounded to be with Seth, but he can't stay away. Seth sees Edward's pain, and all he wants to do is take it away. So sad and so beautiful.

Come on, admit it: you read fan fiction too. Got a favorite slash pairing? There's a couple to yet to come on my countdown.